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Photospots In Vancouver - Brockton Point And Prospect Point

Nov 28, 2017
One minute read

Ever since my wife and I got to Vancouver, we quickly discovered that the city has many fantastic photo spots, so we started exploring them one-by-one. And what better place is there than my own blog to document those and showcase some of the shots taken?

Brockton Point Lighthouse

Brockton Point is the East-most point of Stanley Park, with a century-old lighthouse that is conveniently situated next to a path and plenty of spots where you can set up a tripod and a DSLR. It’s only 15 minutes away from downtown, and once you are in Stanley Park, you can easily walk up to it.

Map - Downtown to Brockton

And here are some of the shots:

Vancouver Skyline

Lionsgate Bridge

Port of Vancouver

Vancouver Closeup

Tiffany Delimarschi

Didn’t turn out too bad!

Prospect Point

Another spot, not too far away from the Brockton Point Lighthouse is the Prospect Point - right on the South side of the First Narrows of Burrard Inlet. You can get there by walking, but probably much easier if you are driving, since you’d be following the shoreline.

Map - Brockton to Prospect

Shots from there didn’t turn out too bad either:

Lionsgate Bridge

Lionsgate Bridge


More of 🇨🇦 explorations to come!


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