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Photospots In Vancouver - Santa Claus Parade, City Nights

Dec 7, 2017
One minute read

Vancouver has plenty of surprises in store this time of the year, as it appears! Waking up to this notification was definitely unexpected:

Waze Notification

As it turns out, it’s the largest Christmas parade celebrated in Western Canada! Seemed like a perfect opportunity to take out the DSLR and go capture some photos, so that’s what my wife and I did. Here are the results.

Santa Claus Parade



Canada Flags


Canucks Fin

Fire Truck




Police Bikes

Some People

Train - Canada


UBC Thunderbirds

Vancouver Bus


Following the parade, we thought we would explore Vancouver a bit, so we started with the obvious - what was right around us after the parade ended. The following photos came out of that:

Tiffany - Model

Tiffany - Starbucks

West End - Skyscraper

Vancouver Police

Oh and there is also a neat spot that can work well if you have some time, are not afraid of the cold and have a car to get there, since there is no public transit that goes way up the mountains. This is the Cypress Mountain Viewpoint.

Map - Cypress Mountain Viewpoint

Some shots from up high:

City Night

City Zoom

Downtown Zoom

Far Out

Night Cargo

Ships - Night

Zoom - Bridge

Did I mention I am still learning how to properly use the DSLR?


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