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A Short 2020 Recap From Vancouver

December 26, 2020

This certainly has been a year we are likely not going to forget for a while. For all the bad, there was just as much good - we got a stark reminder of what's important in our lives.

A Snapshot

June 5, 2020

I am not on Instagram, so if you see an account there that pretends to be me - it's guaranteed not me. I decided to export all the photos from there an make them available on my own corner of the Internet.

Vancouver In The Spring

April 4, 2020

Vancouver is a beautiful city - despite the current coronavirus lockdown (#StayTheFuckHome), the life around us is slowly picking up its natural pace. Trees are blooming and snow from the mountains is slowly going away.

Vacation In Los Angeles

September 5, 2019

It's summer, and we finally took sime time to refresh and explore the West Coast (it's the best coast, after all).

Seattle In Summer

July 27, 2018

Seattle never ceases to amaze - sunshine, ferries, Mariation Ma Kai. What’s not to love? Every time I visit this city, it inspires me to do more.

Beach Day

July 24, 2018

Sometimes, dogs get out of hand. It's even better when they are on the beach and start throwing sand around!


July 10, 2018

From time to time, it's good to recharge and take time to focus on hobbies.

West End Waterfront

July 9, 2018

What's a better way to spend the evening than go to the waterfront?

Vancouver From Lonsdale Quay

July 6, 2018

This is probably the closest Vancouver ever got to looking like Seattle. Take the SeaBus to Lonsdale Quay, and enjoy the beautiful views!

Views From Cypress Lookout

July 6, 2018

Definitely worth the 20 minute drive from the West End to get to the lookout - not only that, but you get to see all the way into the United States, with Mt. Baker on the horizon.

Vancouver Before Holidays

December 23, 2017

Living in Vancouver has a perk - the areas around Vancouver. In the past couple of weeks we got to explore several places that we had hidden in the middle of our TO-DO list, and of course we documented that through photos. This is also happens to be the season for holiday lights, so of course there ended up being quite a few of those shots in our reel.

Photospots In Vancouver - Brockton Point And Prospect Point

November 28, 2017

Ever since my wife and I got to Vancouver, we quickly discovered that the city has many fantastic photo spots, so we started exploring them one-by-one. And what better place is there than my own blog to document those and showcase some of the shots taken?