Den Delimarsky

I am an engineer working on API documentation, security and machine learning.

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My daily driver is a 15” 2018 MacBook Pro (2.2 GHz Intel Core i7) - I use it for coding, photo editing and writing.

It’s a great device and I grew accustomed to the Touch Bar despite initial hesitation. I use a laptop as the primary machine mainly because I like the portability, and it’s powerful enough for all my needs (for everything else, there is the cloud). It also works really nice connected to a 4K display when docked, along with a nice Logitech G810 mechanical keyboard and a Logitech G502 mouse.


I am a fan of quantifying my day-to-day activities (numbers do really have a special place in my life) - I started with an Apple Watch (Nike Series 4 - 44mm), that I occasionally switch to a Garmin fenix 3 HR. Personally, I don’t feel like there is any significant difference between the two (minus the polish and “smoothness” of the Apple Watch - Garmin most definitely lacks there) - I just like the Apple Watch more for its health tracking features.


One of my recent hobbies is getting into recording videos and tutorials - for that I need to make sure that I can capture good sound and video. For the camera, I am using a Logitech C920 web cam - it’s a mix of not overspending on a video device and good quality (it’s no 4K, but I don’t need it yet). For a microphone, I am using a Blue Yeti Blackout, paired with Bose QuietComfort 25 noice cancelling headphones (wired). Having this setup also ensures that conference calls will never be the same - I can never settle for a laptop-grade camera/microphone now.


A couple of years ago, my friend Clint Rutkas got me hooked on ubnt gear. I’ve set it up to work with 3 main devices - UniFi Security Gateway, UniFi AP AC PRO and EdgeRouter PoE. This is hands-down the best networking gear I’ve used (again, will never go back to consumer-grade hardware). As an added bonus, the UniFi hardware has built-in data aggregation that allows me to analyze in-depth the network usage.


There are a few tools that I love using in my day-to-day activities.


I am no longer dealing with easy-to-remember passwords. Everything is auto-generated and managed through 1Password. Their browser extensions are great, their mobile app is great, and overall the entire experience is very polished.

Visual Studio Code

The one editor that does everything - I am writing this very page in it, and I write code in it. Visual Studio Code has an extensive ecosystem of plug-ins and themes that can do almost anything an engineer might need.


Recommended by Dan Fernandez, Spectacle gives the same window management capabilities on macOS as one is accustomed to on Windows.