A Short 2020 Recap From Vancouver

A short recap of the past year, as seen through the lens of living in Vancouver.

December 26, 2020

This certainly has been a year we are likely not going to forget for a while. For all the bad, there was just as much good - we got a stark reminder of what’s important in our lives.

During 2020, I didn’t get to travel much with Tiffany, despite the fact that we had some aspirations in that direction last December. But that ended up being OK, because Vancouver, our home, is nothing short of amazing on its own merits. Sometimes, the beauty of undiscovered places is right there in your backyard.

This album is a random extract of the photos I found on the SD card from the DSLR that I would occasionally take with me on local trips. These are not necessarily sights unseen, or some exceptionally unique locations, but hey - why not put them here for posterity?

Vancouver anchorage as seen from the top of a hill

Cherries in full bloom in North Vancouver

Burnaby as seen from North Vancouver

Harbour Centre in the fog

An island off the Vancouver coast

Moon seen from Vancouver

Vancouver skyline in the morning fog

Lonsdale Quay as seen from North Vancouver

Port of Vancouver

Lionsgate Bridge as seen from North Vancouver

Sunset in Vancouver

Vancouver city skyline zoomed in

A rainy Vancouver sunset

Mountains on Vancouver Island as seen mid-day

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December 26, 2020
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