Den Delimarsky

I am an engineer working on cloud infrastructure, developer experiences and machine learning.

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Table of Contents


Amazon EventBridge

Timeframe: May 2020 - Present

I help build cloud infrastructure for event-driven applications.

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The Work Item

Timeframe: April 2020 - Present

A podcast about technology, people, products and just good conversations with friends.

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Timeframe: January 2020 - Present

A blog dedicated to learning data science concept in the form of simple, informative article.

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Timeframe: January 2020 - Present

A community designed for growing product managers. It features an actively maintained blog, and a Slack channel where individuals who want to pursue a career in product management can ask any questions and get reliable answers.

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Timeframe: January 2020

Drove the release planning and coordination for the brand-new Microsoft developer portal ( This is announced on Twitter. The site is the central entry point for developers to discover our engineering-focused products and services.

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Java API Documentation Tooling

Timeframe: August 2019

Helped drive the development of docfx-doclet, that allows the processing and post-generation of Java API documentation in DocFX. Managed a team of vendor engineers who completed the work, and collaborated with the team in Shanghai in delivering the experience on Prior to the implementation of this doclet, we used an unreliable pipeline that produced API documentation that was not always mapped to Javadoc output.

Timeframe: July 2019

Drove the design and development of the central samples repository for Microsoft. Collaborated with a team of vendors from Europe, engineers in China and the United States to deliver an end-to-end experience, powered by GitHub and a large set of Azure services. This was announced on the team blog, and is currently being used by more than 15 various teams within the company.

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.NET API Documentation Migration (MSDN to

Timeframe: September 2018

Facilitated the transition of hundreds of thousands of .NET API documentation pages from MSDN to by building and coordinating the development of automation and validation tooling. The documentation covers some of the most important Microsoft assets, including .NET platform and Azure .NET SDK.

API Browser Experiences

Timeframe: April 2017 - July 2018

Drove the design and development of API documentation discovery engines on, commonly referred to as API Browsers. This includes:

A screenshot of

The experiences above help developers easily find APIs of interest for various frameworks and software development kits (SDKs), tailored for their platform of choice. Each API Browser has an API that pulls from a central documentation index on, and is acting as “IntelliSense in the browser” rather than plain text search.

.NET API Documentation Tooling

Timeframe: May 2017

Developed nue, a tool that prepares NuGet packages for documentation processing. Helped coordinate the development of mdoc .NET API documentation/reflection tooling. Both tools are used in production on today.

Outlook Groups

Timeframe: September 2015

Helped deliver the Outlook Groups functionality in the desktop and web clients. Coordinated and helped design the group identification headers, that allow users to interact with the group from a central entry point in the user interface. This release was covered in TIME magazine.

Working on this project, my team obtained a software patent covering the designed user experience.

A screenshot of Outlook Groups.


Timeframe: July 2012 - August 2012

A video game built to demonstrate the capabilities of the Windows 8 DirectX integration in the Metro framework. The project is documented on Channel9.

A screenshot of a mockup for the FallFury game.

You can download a PDF of the book that I published describing the project, as well as check out the archived source code.