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Hi, I'm Den 👋

Sharing adventures in computers, reverse engineering, machine learning, and occasionally - my camera.

I am an engineer and product manager. I help build software that makes other software more secure, record a podcast where I interview notable folks about their career lessons, build a utility to keep your Windows machine awake, maintain a list of resources to help product managers grow, and tinker with USB data from a popular button box. In the past I’ve reverse engineered and documented the Halo Infinite REST API.

You can find me on GitHub, LinkedIn, YouTube, Stack Overflow, and Hacker News.


OpenSpartan And The Quirks Of Halo Infinite API

·2260 words
Time for another update on my “whenever I have time” project - OpenSpartan. I’ve done a few changes to the code base preparing for the first public alpha.

Medals In OpenSpartan

·1780 words
As folks might know, in my free time I am building a Halo Infinite companion app called OpenSpartan. It now supports medal visualization.

Building OpenSpartan

·677 words
I alluded to the fact that in my free time I am building a little project called OpenSpartan. I thought I’d share a bit more as to what it is.