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Hi, I'm Den 👋

Sharing my love for computers, reverse engineering, machine learning, and Halo.

I am an engineer and product manager. I help build software that makes other software more secure, record a podcast where I interview notable folks about their career lessons, build a utility to keep your Windows machine awake, maintain a list of resources to help product managers grow, and tinker with USB data from a popular button box. In the past I’ve reverse engineered and documented the Halo Infinite REST API.

You can find me on GitHub, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, Stack Overflow, and Hacker News.


Experimenting With Managed Identity In MSAL.NET

·5 mins
If you are building software on Azure, you’ve likely stumbled across the concept of managed identity. In layman’s terms, a managed identity is an automatically provisioned and managed identity resource that can be used to access other resources in Azure.

Principles Of Horrible API Documentation

·8 mins
I’ve worked a fair bit of my PM career leading the efforts in improving the API documentation experiences for developers. Nothing opens your eyes more to the pain of developers than actually building the tooling that makes API docs happen.

Reading Azure Active Directory Recommendations From PowerShell

·3 mins
Azure Active Directory (AAD) has a nifty feature that helps administrators (and those with the right privileges that are not administrators) to be able to keep tabs on the state of their tenant called Azure Active Directory Recommendations.

Coming Back To Microsoft

·2 mins
I alluded to this a few days ago, but I have a new role. Starting today, I am back at Microsoft.