About Me

Hi! I am an engineer working on helping developers build a better web as a Group Product Manager at Netlify.

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What this blog is about

This blog is a reflection of my “learning in public” approach. The content here might get out-of-date with time, and may contain information that is incomplete, prompting you to do more research outside this site. It’s a trade-off I willingly made, as perfect is the enemy of good - I’d rather ship, learn, and iterate, rather than constantly refine a piece of content or code. I will try to provide as much context as possible so that you’re not lost on your next steps, where needed.

All posts here are a way for me to document my explorations and be able to refer to my past thinking. On multiple occasions I found myself asking “Wait, I’ve done this before, how did I do it again?” only to come back to this blog. I hope to have this site be the public-facing knowledge aggregator of sorts for my own purposes, but that also may be useful for others.


Outside of my full-time job, I tend to work on many projects, as many as time permits, but my focus is mostly around the following areas:

  • 🤖 Machine learning: I am exploring ways to build tools that give people superpowers. That is, I want to figure out ways to automate the boring stuff, so that we all have more time for creative endeavors.
  • 📈 Statistics and data visualization: I find new takes on making boring numbers more useful by extracting meaningful insights and figuring out ways in which they are more accessible.
  • 🔥 Computer graphics: Putting my GPU to use by throwing a lot of 3D rendering workloads on it. This is a relatively new area that I am dabbling in - some people paint, I do 3D model creation.
  • 👨‍🔧 Podcast production: I started a podcast. I am learning quite a bit about the editing, publishing, and production process.
  • 📸 Photography and video editing: Not exactly the most unique of interests, but I try to get better at documenting the life around me in photo and video form (and then make it look good for others).

Outside of projects and work, my aim is to focus on some “big rocks” - important areas that need help:

  • Eradication of poverty around the globe. As someone who experienced first-hand what it means to be limited in resources to succeed, I want to make sure that I contribute to the solution of this problem that is extremely prevalent around the world.
  • Improving access to education, mentorship, and job opportunities globally. The more I work and talk to folks, the more I realize that there is no lack of talent, but a lack of access to opportunity. I am trying to contribute to creating a level playing field for everyone.
  • Leveraging modern technologies to solve issues related to human health. If you have health, everything else is achievable. There are a lot of challenges that need our help and investment - from mental health, to vaccine and pandemic research.

Previous experience

I’ve previously helped scale the Developer Relations organization at Microsoft, built cloud infrastructure at AWS, was the first product manager on docs.microsoft.com, and helped deliver the groups feature in Microsoft Outlook.

Work practices

My approach to work is documented on this very site. I tend to update that page regularly, but in case you spot something that needs a correction, do reach out!


Reach out on Twitter or by sending me a note to hi followed by the at sign, and then - the domain of this website.


All opinions presented on this blog are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of my employer. It works the other way around too.