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Coming Back To Microsoft

I alluded to this a few days ago - I have a new role. Starting today I am back at Microsoft. I’ve joined the Microsoft Identity division as a Principal PM and will be helping drive the efforts to build the best identity Software Development Kits (SDKs) and tools for developers that use services such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory and the Microsoft Account (and the extensive ecosystem of everything around those).

Old photo of the Microsoft campus in Redmond

I love tinkering with SDKs. Just earlier this year I kickstarted a project I nicknamed Grunt - a SDK for developers who want to tap into the world of Halo APIs, and that got me thinking that maybe this kind of work is something I want to do full-time. As luck would have it, right around that time I discovered a job opportunity for a team that has immense scope and impact that was looking for someone to help with this very specific area - the team leads the SDKs for Microsoft Identity (think Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL)). A few conversations and interviews later, I knew that was the opportunity I wanted to pursue. I mean, it’s the team that builds a product used quite literally in every other Microsoft product (Xbox, Azure, Office, and many, many others). The chance to work on something this impactful doesn’t come by often.

I am excited about the potential of what the team can build and of course I am stoked about being a part of the Microsoft community again. Over the next few weeks I will be ramping up on my new role, but as I do that I will also be looking at getting immersed in community and developer insights.

Let’s get building!