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Experimenting With Managed Identity In MSAL.NET

·5 mins
If you are building software on Azure, you’ve likely stumbled across the concept of managed identity. In layman’s terms, a managed identity is an automatically provisioned and managed identity resource that can be used to access other resources in Azure.

Coming Back To Microsoft

·2 mins
I alluded to this a few days ago, but I have a new role. Starting today, I am back at Microsoft.

Windows Needs a Change in Priorities

·15 mins
We need to talk about Windows priorities as a product. And I am saying this as someone who wants Windows to succeed - it’s a great OS that, despite it’s naysayers, is still one of the best when it comes to backwards compatibility and richness of functionality. I mean, I can literally run a game written for Windows 95 on Windows 11 without major issues.

Joining Microsoft Developer Relations

·2 mins
Starting today, I am officially part of the Microsoft Developer Relations organization, helping scale the developer outreach efforts.

Tis' The Season Of Stickers

·1 min
Announcing the availability of free stickers, celebrating the release of the .NET and PowerShell API browsers.