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Just Works For Me

·1640 words
If there would be some absurd world where I would be able to choose two pieces of the common vocabulary that should just vanish, it would be “just” and “works for me.” We, folks in tech, got way too comfortable throwing these around.

Recipes For Product Failure: Obsess Over Competitors

·1068 words
If product management was ever perfected and applied evenly to every single company and industry, we’d likely swim in products that solve all our problems. Unfortunately, good product management is unevenly distributed and often takes on patterns and practices that are very far from optimal.

Coming Back To Microsoft

·284 words
I alluded to this a few days ago, but I have a new role. Starting today, I am back at Microsoft.

Careers Are Not Marathons Or Sprints

·1240 words
Not too long ago, I was reading Charlie Kindel’s “You’re Thinking of Your Career Trajectory Wrong” and it reminded me of yet another trope that somehow is very commonplace, at least in the tech industry - your career is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Joining Microsoft Developer Relations

·275 words
Starting today, I am officially part of the Microsoft Developer Relations organization, helping scale the developer outreach efforts.

I Built A Desktop Computer

·753 words
I finally broke away from my habit of using laptops and got back to building desktop machines.

Your Customers Do Not Know The Solution

·612 words
Asking customers for a solution to a problem they have is going to lead you the wrong way. Ask for an in-depth overview of the problem.