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Stats #

I now track all my stats locally with OpenSpartan Workshop. This is my own unofficial Halo Infinite companion app that I am constantly updating and highly recommend you check out as well. It’s also open-source on GitHub.

A GIF showing OpenSpartan Workshop running on a Windows computer

The app is meant to be a multi-tool for Halo Infinite players that stores all match metadata in a SQLite database on their computer. This allows for deeper insights and explorations of in-game performance. See my Jupyter notebook for examples.

Halo Infinite API #

If you are curious about me tinkering with the Halo Infinite API, check out the halo-api tag on this blog, or look for my series on YouTube.

Keep in mind that this is all based on the undocumented public Halo Infinite API. There are zero guarantees that things will work as expected or documented here long-term.