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On Security, Exploratorium, and Phishing

October 25, 2016

If you don’t know what the Exploratorium is, I highly recommend you take a trip to San Francisco and include it in your list of places to see. Today, when I saw a blog post come up with their name in it, I didn’t expect a story about email phishing, but there it was.

Pushing The Limits Of Windows Phone With EmailComposeTask

March 24, 2012

It’s almost 4 in the morning, and as with all great ideas, this one came to me while I was working on a completely different project. I was thinking that it is a shame that I cannot attach files to an email via EmailComposeTask – and indeed, I am not the only one thinking about this.

Unencrypted IMAP Connection Is A Bad Idea – Here’s Why

August 25, 2011

There are plenty of people out there who are using IMAP-based accounts in various mail clients. Some of them are configured not to use an encrypted connection, and that is a serious problem. Not yet convinced? Take a look at this.