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This area of the site is all about notes, technology exploration, and opinions. It is my very own digital garden. You’re welcome to explore, collect the fruits of my labor, and apply them in your own projects. Content here is 100% organic and locally-grown.

What Others Tell You Is The Wrong Solution

·413 words
As a product manager, it’s kind of beaten into us from the early days that you should never listen to your customers for solutions. Yet, it’s common to see the opposite.

OpenSpartan And The Quirks Of Halo Infinite API

·2274 words
Time for another update on my “whenever I have time” project - OpenSpartan. I’ve done a few changes to the code base preparing for the first public alpha.

Medals In OpenSpartan

·1794 words
As folks might know, in my free time I am building a Halo Infinite companion app called OpenSpartan. It now supports medal visualization.

Building OpenSpartan

·677 words
I alluded to the fact that in my free time I am building a little project called OpenSpartan. I thought I’d share a bit more as to what it is.

A New PowerToys Awake Is Out

·479 words
The new PowerToys are out (we’re at version 0.70.0) and with it comes a new version of Awake, the caffeinate tool that folks are used to on a Mac, brought to life on Windows.

Solving The Funky 0x8007007B Windows Activation Error

·565 words
I was recently setting up a new Windows machine for work - a desktop machine that actually has enough storage for me to run local SQL experimentation. I diligently followed the steps to create a bootable Windows 11 Enterprise USB, got the disks properly formatted, installed the OS, and tried to start customizing everything to my liking only to hit a brick wall.

Just Works For Me

·1640 words
If there would be some absurd world where I would be able to choose two pieces of the common vocabulary that should just vanish, it would be “just” and “works for me.” We, folks in tech, got way too comfortable throwing these around.

Recipes For Product Failure: Obsess Over Competitors

·1068 words
If product management was ever perfected and applied evenly to every single company and industry, we’d likely swim in products that solve all our problems. Unfortunately, good product management is unevenly distributed and often takes on patterns and practices that are very far from optimal.