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Making Of: Managed Plug-In For Snippet Manager

March 29, 2010

Snippet Manager is an application built by Danny Battison. Its main purpose is to help developers organize their code snippets in the cloud (those aren't stored locally). One of the interesting features of the application is that it offers an interface for plug-ins, although with a specific code structure.

Going The C++ Way With Microsoft C And C++ Compiler And Notepad++

February 27, 2010

Recently I decided that I need to work more with C++ than I do now (my primary focus being C#). I picked up a Visual C++ 2008 book (I wanted to start with Visual C++ since I already have some experience with .NET and I would really like to work with managed C++, as well as with unmanaged in one environment), started a couple of sample projects and got the basic ideas.