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Windows Phone Emulator In Airplane Mode – Unintentionally

June 2, 2011

For those who were developing for Windows Phone for quite a while, you probably know that the emulator itself exposes quite a few gems. The one I found today is rather useless at this point, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

A Better Sample For The Netduino ShieldStudio 4-digit Shield

April 30, 2011

I recently started working with the Netduino microcontroller and one of the initial projects I decided to tackle was creating a better sample for a LED matrix shield. It wasn’t really complicated – overall, it took me around an hour to put everything together and test it on a real device. Image lost since transition to new blog Here are some things that I added to the updated sample: Automatically initialize the I2CDevice instance when the LEDMatrix class is instantiated.

Launch The Maps Application Inside The Windows Phone Emulator

April 24, 2011

By default the Windows Phone emulator is pretty limited in terms of applications that are available out-of-the-box. In fact, Internet Explorer is the only application that is available – the rest are apps that are side-loaded. I already talked about a way to invoke the default YouTube application and about some other hidden call-related features. Today I found an interesting new access point that allows me to work with the Maps application without actually having the app accessible in the main menu.

Windows Phone Emulator: Capturing Traffic (Fiddler Or WireShark)

September 19, 2010

While working on a Windows Phone 7 application today I noticed that some web requests are skipped by the application. In fact, the callback for the receiving method was never called, so I decided to track the outbound traffic via a local proxy tool. I actually tried two of them, and here is what I got. Fiddler Fiddler was the first choice when I decided that I need to keep track of what’s being requested by the application.