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Principles Of Horrible API Documentation

·8 mins
I’ve worked a fair bit of my PM career leading the efforts in improving the API documentation experiences for developers. Nothing opens your eyes more to the pain of developers than actually building the tooling that makes API docs happen.

How I Built A Custom Halo Infinite Data API With Netlify

·10 mins
Comes to no surprise if you read my blog or follow me on Twitter (or maybe you’re even following OpenSpartan if you’re that into niche content) that the Halo Infinite API has been somewhat of a focus domain for me for the past year.

Enabling Hidden Maps And Game Modes In Halo Infinite

·12 mins
You might’ve seen over the course of the past couple of months since the Halo Infinite release some news and rumors about upcoming game modes in the game. I wondered how those folks got their hands on the new experience and just assumed that it’s typical data mining in game files to look for new assets.

Motherboard On The Wall

·1 min
Last year I was upgrading my computer’s power supply unit (PSU) in an effort to prepare for the GeForce RTX 3090. It so happened that I swapped PSU manufacturers as well while I was at it.

First Explorations of Twitter Verification API

·4 mins
Twitter just announced that they are re-launching their verification program, and now you can check whether you are eligible directly from your Twitter account settings. Neat!

Careers Are Not Marathons Or Sprints

·6 mins
Not too long ago, I was reading Charlie Kindel’s “You’re Thinking of Your Career Trajectory Wrong” and it reminded me of yet another trope that somehow is very commonplace, at least in the tech industry - your career is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Joining Netlify

·4 mins
Taking the next step in my professional career.

Caffeinate Windows With PowerShell

·3 mins
Just like I need coffee to function, Windows needs it to stay awake when I need it to. In this post, I share a simple solution to this problem.

I Built A Desktop Computer

·4 mins
I finally broke away from my habit of using laptops and got back to building desktop machines.