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Tracking My Own Halo Infinite Stats With OpenSpartan Workshop

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OK, look - I am not the one to tell you that you absolutely have to track your stats for a damn video game, but I am the kind of person that finds a certain fun in that, just like I find the fun in reverse-engineering the entire Halo Infinite API. There is a certain beauty in looking at your own numbers, even if they are for some meaningless, entirely made-up progression system.

Halo Infinite Career Ranks

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I talked about Halo Infinite career ranks some time ago, but I kept needing to come back to the idea that I just wanted to have a quickly accessible list that just tells me what rank experience requirements are and how far along to Hero each rank is. No ads, no, fluff, just the table. Said table is now here.

Deep Dive Into Halo Infinite Operations API

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With the launch of Halo Infinite in 2021, 343 Industries introduced the concept of battle passes in Halo. The concept itself is not new in the gaming industry per-se, but it’s new to Halo. It’s effectively a limited time opportunity for players to earn in-game rewards during what is referred to as a season (although that term becomes a bit overloaded now).

A Look Under The Hood Of The Halo Infinite Exchange

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Just yesterday the new build of Halo Infinite dropped. With this build, one of the biggest changes that graced us with its presence is The Exchange - a new virtual venue where a player can use a new in-game currency, Spartan Points, to acquire all sorts of already known cosmetics.

Visiting The Halo Museum

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I am ashamed to admit that for all the nerding out I am doing around Halo I did not know that there is a Halo Museum up until a few weeks ago.

Building The OpenSpartan Data Browser

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Earlier this year I bootstrapped a project called OpenSpartan. Its intent is to primarily fill a gap for those that want to tap into Halo Infinite data - the developers that build tools such as Halo Data Hive and others.