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Configuring Key-Based SSH Access For Raspberry Pi

July 4, 2020

I am using a Raspberry Pi device for experimentation purposes, and I had to temporarily enable SSH on it via the public Internet, which can be a monumentally bad idea if the machine where the service is enabled is not properly secured. The problem is less related to SSH itself, and more to the default configuration which is used by some folks. That is - they use passwords to authenticate.

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter As Level 2 Switch

November 7, 2016

I recently overhauled my network setup to get better WiFi coverage as well as get more data as to what traffic actually happens through my local network. After some relatively short conversations with my colleagues, I landed on Ubnt gear.

Setting Up A Network Capture Box With Ubuntu And Wireshark

March 22, 2012

For a college project I had to set up an Ubuntu box and work on a network analysis assignment. I worked with this kind of tasks on Windows, and got some pretty interesting results by sniffing Windows Phone, Xbox and Windows 8 traffic with Wireshark. Ubuntu is a new environment for me, and I figured that the actual capture process is set a bit differently.

Windows Phone Emulator: Capturing Traffic (Fiddler Or WireShark)

September 19, 2010

While working on a Windows Phone 7 application today I noticed that some web requests are skipped by the application. In fact, the callback for the receiving method was never called, so I decided to track the outbound traffic via a local proxy tool. I actually tried two of them, and here is what I got. Fiddler Fiddler was the first choice when I decided that I need to keep track of what’s being requested by the application.