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Parsing Bond Responses From The Halo Infinite API

May 25, 2022

NOTE This post is part of a series about the Halo Infinite Web API. You can read more about how I started in the first post, where I talk about the process of figuring out the data endpoints, as well as more about the authentication process. You can also explore the .NET wrapper for the API that makes endpoint interaction a bit easier. If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I’ve been fiddling quite a bit with the Halo Infinite API.

Getting ArXiv Sanity Papers Via RSS

May 24, 2022

I like reading papers on arXiv, but I like discovering them more through Andrej Karpathy’s arxiv-sanity-lite. The little challenge with the latter is that there is no way to get those papers in a RSS feed, that I can then hook up to an RSS reader, like feedly or NetNewsWire if you’re on a MacOS machine. So, as a starting step, I thought I’d try and fix this with an open-source project, called arxiv-sanity-feeds.