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Are You A Student In The US? Get A Free Windows Phone

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Paul Betts mentioned on Twitter yesterday that he was looking for a Canada-specific offer, where developers could get free Windows Phone devices. Although I was not aware of anything like that for Canada, there sure is an offer for students in the United States.

Image no longer available since migration to new blog.

So if you want a free Windows Phone device, you need to make sure that you follow these guidelines:

  • You are a student in an accredited university/college in the United States
  • You have developed two Windows Phone applications that are (or will be) published between March 26th and May 31st, 2012.
  • Those apps are targeting Windows Phone 7.5
  • Apps support Fast App Switching
  • The apps are of high-quality and are not created with one of the “do-it-fast” tools, like AppMakr or FollowMyFeed
  • You have not received a Windows Phone device in previous student promotions from Microsoft

Full outline of the official rules can be found here (link no longer available).

You can sign up for the promotion here.