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EnTrance - A State Of Trance Podcast App On Windows Phone

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After a sleepless weekend, here is the final product – EnTrance. It’s not really a big secret that I am a fan of EDM and A State of Trance is, hands down, in my opinion one of the best trance shows there is. With this in mind, I realized that there is way for me to easily managed the ASOT podcast on the device. Need creates ideas, so I though about building my own client that would let me aggregate the latest and greatest podcast episodes, with information about the collected tracks as well as with the ability for me to find those on Xbox Music, Nokia Music and YouTube.

Hence, EnTrance came to life.


What can it do at the moment? Pretty much everything you would expect a podcast app to do – download and play ASOT episodes. What I have planned for it is another question. Here is a short breakdown:

  • Upload to SkyDrive – what if you like an episode so much that you want to have it stored on your machine as well? Simply push it to SkyDrive and the deed is done – once your PC(s) sync the changes, you will find the episode in your folder.
  • Push Notifications – get alerts when new ASOT episodes are released and when new track information is available.
  • ASOT Full Show Integration – other than the podcast, every Thursday Armin van Buuren runs his ASOT radio show. Despite the fact that the episode itself is often not available for download, it contains track metadata. I want to show you that track metadata – with the ability to find those later on Xbox Music, Nokia Music or YouTube.
  • Event Information – ASOT 650 is coming up and I need to get the app ready for it.

It would be very short-sighted to say that this list is complete. It’s not, and will never be – such is software. If you have more ideas, feel free to stop by at the Issues Hub on GitHub (did I mention EnTrance is open-source?).

For now, pick up your Windows Phone 8 and download the app!