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Announcing MeetingShot

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Sometimes, you code for the sake of coding, and build something that is just fun. Back in June, my good friend Dan Fernandez came up with the idea of a website that can create Zoom meeting screenshots that place people in the company of celebrities, animals, or the Brady Bunch. That is, we’re not cool enough to actually hang out with said celebrities, but we can at least pretend that we chat with them over Zoom, to the surprise of our friends and family.

We started collaborating on making this idea a reality, and lo and behold, a month later - we’re ready to show you MeetingShot!

MeetingShot in action

This project has everything:

  • Custom image uploads. You can provide your own photos for meeting attendees. Those are never uploaded to any servers, and are only rendered in the browser.
  • Webcam support. You can include your own face right from the webcam you have connected to your machine. Again - this is never uploaded/streamed anywhere outside your own browser instance.
  • Attendee number customization. Three celebrities not enough? Make it 9! And highlight the one who was apparently speaking!
  • Export. Once you’re done setting up your meeting, you can export the generated image in one click, and you’re ready to tweet it as if you just came from an exciting meeting!

And of course, the project is open source!

At this time, and due to lack of free time, we only enabled support for the desktop browsers, so if you are opening the site on a mobile device, your experience will be sub-optimal. We’re zoning out some time to address this, and hope to bring the fun of Fear of Missing Meetings Online (FOMMO) to iOS and Android in the near future.