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ImagineCup Wordwide Finalists Announced (USA)

It was recently announced on the official ImagineCup blog that all finalists for the worldwide ImagineCup finals were selected. You can read that story here. Since I am currently located in the United States, I would like to bring to your attention the teams that will be representing America this year.

The teams are:

Note-Taker (Arizona State University) #

Category: Software Design

Project: A portable device that helps visually-impaired students by utilizing a touch-based tablet connected to a camera that shows the whiteboard on one half of the screen and allows notes to be taken on the other half.

Here is a video of the team members talking about their project:

Video lost since migration to new blog

You can read more about their accomplishment here (Seattle TechFlash).

Syntax Errors (Santiago Canyon) #

Category: Embedded Development

Project: This self-contained mobile workstation based on an embedded RTOS platform and managed code application allows emergency workers to track assets such as medical suppliers, water, food, and personnel in real time during emergency relief efforts.

Check out what others have to say about them here:

Lifelens (University of California Los Angeles Anderson School of Business, University of California Davis, Harvard Business School, University of Central Florida) #

Category: Windows Phone 7

Project: Lifelens is an innovative point-of-care tool to diagnose malaria using an augmented mobile smartphone application. The project addresses the unacceptably high child mortality rates caused by the lack of detection and availability of treatment of malarial diseases.

You can read more about what they were working on here. Here is also a video telling you more about their project.

Video lost since migration to new blog

Dragon (Rice University) #

Category: Game Design (Mobile)

Project: Azmo the Dragon is a game that helps children learn about their asthma as they play as a dragon who destroys civilizations.

ICSquared (Ithaca College) #

Category: Game Design (Web)

Project: The project aims at inspiring players to take real world actions. The main part of the game focuses on recycling rubbish, gathering experience and taking quests.

Microsoft gave me an exceptional opportunity to be in New York City for the ImagineCup Worldwide finals, so I will be there covering several teams (which ones – will be decided later, possibly from various countries). Stay tuned for updates and make sure you follow ImagineCup on Twitter.