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Launching A Podcast

Apr 11, 2020
One minute read

Yes, you read that right - my good friend Courtny and I launched a podcast, dubbed “The Work Item”, where we talk about everything that comes to mind in the product development and design space. We even have a mascot, named “Peppy the Post-It” (Courtny is the creative mastermind behind the art and the mascot name, by the way).

Two episodes of this podcast are already out - the first one being on remote work (check it out on YouTube), and the second covering our career paths (also on YouTube). And of course, more is planned - stay tuned for announcements of guests and new future seasons!

Subscribe to our show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and your favorite RSS reader. We know we need to make this available for Android/Google listeners - the approval for the show on that platform is pending!

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