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Some of my open source projects are now available for download on specialized software aggregator sites.

By Den in Projects

February 12, 2010

Today when I opened my email client, I got two emails from SoftPedia and one from SoftSea. These were notifications that two of my projects were introduced in these software directories. To be specific, PerformanceTweet was published and verified on SoftPedia and SoftSea, and WeatherBar was published and verified on SoftPedia. This means that I can stick this logo to the project descriptions:

Softpedia validation image

This is definitely good news, since I didn’t apply for any of these and it is good to know that the work is recognized. Interesting fact – WeatherBar was a contest project, but I see that it is gaining momentum, so I am definitely going to publish it on CodePlex and develop it further. Still have a lot of ideas on how to add functionality to it.

By getting my projects introduced in the above mentioned software directories, I am sure that the user who intends to download the application is positive that it is malware-free (if there is any doubt while downloading from CodePlex, which in fact is doubtful). Both SoftPedia and SoftSea added extra download mirrors for my projects. And by the way, I now got a developer page at SoftPedia, which can be viewed here. It is basically a listing of my projects published there, as well as a link to my website. But still gives that warm and fuzzy feeling.

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