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Windows Needs a Change in Priorities

·15 mins
We need to talk about Windows priorities as a product. And I am saying this as someone who wants Windows to succeed - it’s a great OS that, despite it’s naysayers, is still one of the best when it comes to backwards compatibility and richness of functionality. I mean, I can literally run a game written for Windows 95 on Windows 11 without major issues.

Setting A Blank New Tab on Microsoft Edge

·3 mins
It’s ridiculous that I have to write it, but it looks like there is no hope in this being an actual feature of the Microsoft Edge web browser - setting a blank new tab. Not a tab with minimal ads, but just one that is blank. You know, the thing that you could set in Firefox for ages.

Announcing PowerToys Awake To Caffeinate Your Windows PC

·2 mins
For some time, I needed a way to use caffeinate on Windows. If you are coming from macOS, you know how useful this utility can be when you want to keep the computer awake for some definite or indefinite time. So, following the engineer mindset, I decided to build my own, starting with a PowerShell script.

Launching Windows Store Apps On Stream Deck

·3 mins
I just recently got a Stream Deck - it’s a wonderful tool to automate some of the more boring (read: routine) tasks. Literally with a click of a button I can kick off a bunch of automation. Apparently it can do everything but launch Windows Store applications.

Caffeinate Windows With PowerShell

·3 mins
Just like I need coffee to function, Windows needs it to stay awake when I need it to. In this post, I share a simple solution to this problem.

FallFury eBook Available

·1 min
If you want to learn how to use DirectX with XAML, you can now download a book on this topic.

Projects Published And Verified

·2 mins
Some of my open source projects are now available for download on specialized software aggregator sites.