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Announcing PowerToys Awake To Caffeinate Your Windows PC

·358 words
For some time, I needed a way to use caffeinate on Windows. If you are coming from macOS, you know how useful this utility can be when you want to keep the computer awake for some definite or indefinite time. So, following the engineer mindset, I decided to build my own, starting with a PowerShell script.

How I Automated My Vaccine Appointment Search

·1222 words
Recently, younger residents of British Columbia (BC) became eligible to get vaccinated against COVID-19, which is awesome news! If you live in BC, I encourage you to register to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

WPF To Replace WinForms?

·491 words
My thoughts on two different user interface frameworks shipped as part of the .NET platform.

Weather In The Taskbar

·590 words
How to show weather information in the Windows 7 taskbar using native system functionality.