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Careers Are Not Marathons Or Sprints

·1240 words
Not too long ago, I was reading Charlie Kindel’s “You’re Thinking of Your Career Trajectory Wrong” and it reminded me of yet another trope that somehow is very commonplace, at least in the tech industry - your career is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Give And Receive Feedback

·1470 words
Some thoughts on why it’s important to focus on feedback if your goal is personal growth.

How I Learn

·1673 words
An outline of approaches that I take for learning new things.

Product Manager Skills

·4902 words
A non-comprehensive list of skills that product managers should develop to be successful in their career.

Quantitative And Qualitative Metrics

·930 words
Learn about the difference between qualitative and quantitative metrics, and when you should rely on one versus the other.

Be A Mentor

·535 words
I talk about the importance of helping guide others as you grow your own career.

On Feature Ownership

·766 words
Instead of referring to feature product managers as owners, refer to them as drivers.