Testing The Future

I built a new version of an experimental control for your Windows Phone applications.

By Den in Projects

June 26, 2013

…control that will be integrated in the Coding4Fun Toolkit - FileExplorer!

You can download the Coding4Fun Toolkit source code here. Once downloaded, go to Experimental > FileExplorer. The sample project carries an alpha implementation of the control, and I would love to get your feedback on it - let me know what you want to see become a part of it.

NOTE: This custom control currently works only on Windows Phone 8.

The control will play the role of the standard Windows 8 FilePicker, but on Windows Phone. Its goal is to allow developers to provide an easy-to-use interface to interact with the isolated storage, as well as with the external storage in the context of native phone applications.

What can the control do at this point?

  • Pick a file from the isolated storage (no file format restrictions)
  • Pick a file from the external storage, if such is available (restricted to files that have an extension registered with the app)
  • Navigate through the folder tree in both the isolated storage and external storage (where available)

In its current implementation, I am using the control as a way to open files for read. No built-in functionality is introduced to facilitate writing at this point.

What do I have planned for the control?

  • File extension filter for files in the isolated storage (this can be both manifest-based and individual)
  • Multi-file select (return a batch of files from one or different locations)
  • Folder select
  • Windows Phone 7.x support for isolated storage

Important disclaimer

The control is in its alpha stage. DO NOT use it in production.

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