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Coming Back To Microsoft

·2 mins
I alluded to this a few days ago, but I have a new role. Starting today, I am back at Microsoft.

Joining Microsoft Developer Relations

·2 mins
Starting today, I am officially part of the Microsoft Developer Relations organization, helping scale the developer outreach efforts.

Launching A Podcast

·1 min
I launched a podcast with my good friend Courtny Cotten. On the show, we talk about products, people, and experiences.

Product Manager Skills

·24 mins
A non-comprehensive list of skills that product managers should develop to be successful in their career.

You Are In Sales

·5 mins
In this post, we talk about how every product manager needs to develop their selling skills.

Metrics For Product Managers

·6 mins
As a product manager, it’s your responsibility to have a deep understanding of metrics for your product.