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OpenSpartan And The Quirks Of Halo Infinite API

·2274 words
Time for another update on my “whenever I have time” project - OpenSpartan. I’ve done a few changes to the code base preparing for the first public alpha.

Medals In OpenSpartan

·1794 words
As folks might know, in my free time I am building a Halo Infinite companion app called OpenSpartan. It now supports medal visualization.

Building OpenSpartan

·677 words
I alluded to the fact that in my free time I am building a little project called OpenSpartan. I thought I’d share a bit more as to what it is.

Unlocking My Spotify Podcast Data

·1342 words
If you are a podcast owner, one of the things that can be a bit annoying is the multitude of different data points that are available for the show. Now, this is not the fact that there is too much data but rather that this data is scattered across different providers, with different systems, and different ways to manage it.

How I Automated My Vaccine Appointment Search

·1222 words
Recently, younger residents of British Columbia (BC) became eligible to get vaccinated against COVID-19, which is awesome news! If you live in BC, I encourage you to register to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

I Launched A Personal Site Directory

·366 words
In an effort to make personal site discovery better, I decided to experiment with web development a bit and create an open-source personal site and blog directory.