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Visiting The Halo Museum

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I am ashamed to admit that for all the nerding out I am doing around Halo I did not know that there is a Halo Museum up until a few weeks ago. Thanks to the kindness of an engineer at 343 Industries I managed to get a tour of the facility together with my wife, and it was nothing short of amazing for someone who is a huge Halo nerd (I promise you I am not paid to say any of this).

First of all, have you ever seen how massive Atriox is? Yeah, we all played the game, but it’s a completely different thing to see the proportions in real life.

Atriox in the 343 Industries atrium

And yes, this is the Atriox outfit used for the Halo Wars 2 commercial. And the other one. No wonder he could easily toss Chief out of UNSC Infinity.

Atriox in the 343 Industries atrium next to me

Compared to Master Chief I was a little more… comparable?

Me standing next to Master Chief

We managed to also see some of the early Brute models.

Halo brute

As well as an Elite Ultra.

Halo Elite Ultra

All sorts of variations of the Chief’s armor through the years, including the one in Forward Unto Dawn.

Master Chief armor from Forward Unto Dawn

The holo-table was there too, all complete with the Covenant and UNSC fleets.

Halo holo-table with Covenant and UNSC ships on it

Another version of the holographic table was used for Hololens demos.

Holo-table used for Hololens demos

Compare the armor above to the Halo 5 Chief variation (along with Spartan Locke).

Master Chief and Locke armors

Compared to the above, the Halo 2 version was significantly less detailed, for obvious reasons.

Master Chief statue from Halo 2

The OG Chief was there too, along with the assortment of Reach posters.

Master Chief along some Halo Reach posters on the wall

Halo also has representation in the media, like the Halo Legends and The Fall Of Reach works.

Halo Legends and The Fall Of Reach

The amount of all sorts of Halo memorabilia in the venue was staggering (apparently production really ramped up after Halo CE and Halo 2).

Halo sign with Jorge and Kat from Halo Reach

Halo art and plaque from the Xbox team

Private collections at Halo Museum

Halo posters

Halo 2 shelf

Halo dogtags

Covenant dropship model

Halo Infinite GPU

Halo 3 shelf

Halo 3 ODST shelf

Halo 3 ODST 2 Million celebration plaque

Halo 4 shelf

Halo 5 shelf

Halo CE shelf

Halo E-Sports section

Halo King Ice collaboration on a Master Chief statue

Halo cross-game merchandise

Halo plates on a museum shelf, along with smaller Halo merch

Halo Reach shelf

Halo Wars shelf

Halo Wars 2 shelf

Halo Wars 2 gravity hammer

Halo helmets with different styles painted on them

Jun S-266 from Halo Reach

Wall with Halo incineration cannon, a Needler, and a guitar

Master Chief Collection unique design Xbox with a Spartan helmet

ODST uniform variations

A broader view of the museum

A broader view of the museum

Halo Reach figures and book

Halo Reach - Emile statue

Sniper and plasma rifles on the museum wall

Zanzibar diorama

343 Industries also partners with Limbitless to create Halo-themed prosthetics to help children with limb differences.

Prosthetic arms that are Halo-themed inside a museum shelf

Halo 2600, not surprisingly, also made the museum cut! It was written by Ed Fries, former vice president of game publishing at Microsoft, who helped with Microsoft’s acquisition of Bungie back in the day.

Halo 2600 on a Halo merch shelf

Modern-day Halo Infinite was, of course, in its own dedicated part of the museum. The special edition Xbox is the staple of the shelf.

Fun fact - the Forerunners statue is something given in parts to early testers of Halo Infinite. There’s only twelve in the world that assembled the whole thing.

Halo Infinite shelf

Halo Infinite shelf

Fun fact - Australia actually has Halo-themed Chibi coins that are legal tender. There are also Swarovski energy swords and Master Chief helmets out there (which were never sold - there’s only 117 models in the world), but the coins are more interesting to me personally.

Halo Infinite coins from Australia

As a nice surprise, there was also a section dedicated to the Halo community!

Halo community section

I mean, who wouldn’t want a full-size Ghost to be stationed in their building?

Halo Ghost model

Or a 100-pound Gravity Hammer?

Gravity Hammer in a wooden box

A nod to Jervalin’s LASO feat was also there.

Big Master Chief helmet and Halo posters

Master Beef (not a typo) helmet was safely preserved too. It’s a bunch of Arby’s wrappers around the Chief helmet, proudly displayed alongside all the other Halo 20th Anniversary merch.

Halo 20th Anniversary merchandise

If you haven’t yet explored the lore through the Halo books, the museum basically contained all the recommended reading.

Halo books on a museum shelf

One of my favorite parts of the museum tour was the brick-built Raid on Apex 7 from Halo 5, made with every little in-game detail implemented.

Halo 5 map - Raid on Apex 7

Halo 5 map - Raid on Apex 7 - Close-up

Halo 5 map - Raid on Apex 7 - Close-up

Halo 5 map - Raid on Apex 7 - Close-up

Halo 5 map - Raid on Apex 7 - Close-up

Halo 5 map - Raid on Apex 7 - Close-up

Halo 5 map - Raid on Apex 7 - Close-up

Halo 5 map - Raid on Apex 7 - Close-up

Could not have stopped by the museum and not take some photos with the available props. Those conveniently included a MA-40.

Me holding a MA-40 assault rifle

As well as the famous Battle Rifle, the BR-75.

Me holding a MA-40 assault rifle

If extreme sports are more like your jam, Halo-branded snowboards and skateboards do exist:

Halo snowboard and skateboards

A huge thank you to the folks at 343 for inviting us over and sharing so many insights about the Halo history!

I want to also extend a huge and special thank you to my wife for spending a good chunk of her time taking the photos that I then shamelessly aggregated in this blog post. She supports my Halo fandom beyond what I would expect of anyone.

My wife posing next to a Halo brute