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Building The OpenSpartan Data Browser

·812 words
Earlier this year I bootstrapped a project called OpenSpartan. Its intent is to primarily fill a gap for those that want to tap into Halo Infinite data - the developers that build tools such as Halo Data Hive and others.

Unlocking My Spotify Podcast Data

·1342 words
If you are a podcast owner, one of the things that can be a bit annoying is the multitude of different data points that are available for the show. Now, this is not the fact that there is too much data but rather that this data is scattered across different providers, with different systems, and different ways to manage it.

Watch Out For Modulo And Hashes

·663 words
Get a better understanding of how you can randomly sample a population with special data selection tricks.

Quantitative And Qualitative Metrics

·930 words
Learn about the difference between qualitative and quantitative metrics, and when you should rely on one versus the other.

Pulling Ubnt Stats Locally

·392 words
A quick and dirty approach to copying the statistics data from your Ubnt device to the local machine.